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A knowledgeable business transaction attorney can provide the edge you need at the negotiating table. They offer invaluable insight and counsel, whether you’re selling, restructuring, reorganizing a company or starting a new one. If you are looking for an experienced law firm in Humble, TX, the Law Office of CiCi Cunningham has been serving business clients for many years.

Our Business Transaction Services in Humble

We offer a comprehensive selection of services in Humble and the surrounding areas to help local businesses thrive, including:

A breach of contract represents a failure to fulfill a legal agreement between parties. We can mediate or negotiate the violation before you jump directly into litigation, with the goal of facilitating a full resolution that conforms to applicable legal stipulations.

Of course, the best way to avoid a contract dispute is to have a professionally written and detailed contract that accurately spells out the desires and agreements of the parties at the onset. Over time, memories can fade but a written contract is a very real reminder of what was agreed upon at the time of the initial agreement.

We can review contracts before you sign to evaluate that they accurately represent your intent, and also advise you as to any clauses that may have negative ramifications.  We can also draft a contract for you whether it is for business or personal needs.

When you start a business, you are naturally thinking of the launch of the business. Many business owners do not think much about what happens if the business changes or ends.  For example, if you have a business partner (other owner) that dies, who will inherit his/her interest? Most likely it will be the surviving spouse. Do you want to do business with the deceased’s spouse?

What if one party wants to walk away – are you sure you can both agree on the value of the business to pay the vacating owner? A good way to prevent disputes regarding these areas is to plan now. Create detailed and comprehensive agreements/bylaws or a separate buy sell agreement. By planning now you can have a greater chance of the termination or departure of a business owner being amicable and reduce the chance of litigation.

Location is essential to any commercial enterprise’s success. It can also be a significant financial investment. There are many costly items to negotiate and to review before entering into a commercial lease. CiCi can review and draft or negotiate your lease agreements to help you understand what terms are necessary and what may benefit or harm you in the contract.

Houston commercial leases, including those in Humble, are very complex. Don’t sign merely what is presented to you without understanding what you are signing. We care about our clients and want to assist them to be successful in setting up and running a business or negotiating a commercial lease.

Transactions have a ripple effect. It’s crucial to understand those transactions’ pros and cons before you sign. We’ll review relevant aspects of the law and offer counsel that increases your company’s opportunities for success.

Whether you want to create a fictitious firm name, or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation (Inc., Co. etc). we can handle the creation and organization of these business entities.  Schedule an appointment with CiCi, to fully discuss your business goals so you can receive guidance to determine the best plan of action and the best type of business entity for your situation

Work with an Experienced Business Transaction Attorney in Humble, TX

As an experienced business transaction attorney, CiCi Cunningham can assist you with more than drafting contracts. She will advise you based on legal precedent, assist in negotiations, and help in compliance with applicable laws. She puts your interests first to create commercial alliances designed to last for years to come. We care about our clients and the local economy. We want to see Humble businesses succeed.

Here are some scenarios when you should reach out to us at the Law Office of CiCi Cunningham:

  • Forming, creating or organizing a business in Texas
  • Buying or selling a business or estate
  • Buy – Sell Agreements for businesses
  • Commercial Leases
  • Resolving commercial disputes before legal action
  • Engaging clients in relevant business ventures
  • Mutual Releases

Succeeding in business is hard enough without considering Texas law and all the complexity that comes with it. At the Law Office of CiCi Cunningham, we are here to guide you through those challenges, so you can focus on running your business. Contact us at (281) 815-0888 for a consultation in Humble, TX, today.