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Probate is the legal process that enforces the bequests in a will. The Court appoints a person known as the Executor to administer the assets of the deceased person’s estate. Once the Executor receives Letters Testamentary from the Court, they can begin to officially administer the estate assets. The principle role of the Executor involves locating and disbursing assets in accordance with the Court’s direction and in accordance with the directives left by the Testator in the will. If you find probate confusing or overwhelming, the Law Office of CiCi Cunningham in Humble, TX, can help.

What Does a Will Do?

  • A will does NOT avoid Probate.
  • A will directs the Probate Court as to who, what and where assets are to be distributed.
  • In some instances a will nominates the guardian for minor children. Because Texas has a stand-alone specific form for the Designation of the Guardian of Minor Children, we suggest that a will not be used solely to name guardians of children.

You most likely need probate, even if your deceased loved one left a will. A will does not have the legal authority to transfer assets until it is admitted to probate by the Probate Court and an executor or an administrator is appointed and has received “Letters Testamentary” or “Letters of Administration”. Admitting the will to the probate court requires going through the county court for approval to admit the will in compliance with the Texas Estates Code and other state laws.

CiCi can file the will with the county clerk, file the appropriate documents to request admission of the will by the court, attend the necessary probate court hearings, and aid the Executor in the procedures for distribution of estate.

If there is no will, then the Decedent died Intestate. Intestate means dying without a will. This most often requires a judicial determination of heirship proceeding wherein the court must issue an order regarding the heirs. The guidance to the court regarding heirs comes from the Texas Estates Code. There are many different methods of resolving estate issues both involving the court probate system, and some not involving the court system.  If you have a loved one who has died without a will, consult with CiCi to see what options regarding distributing the estate are available.

Attorney CiCi Cunningham represents you to enable you to plan for your family and to guide you through your desired estate planning goals. She maintains your interests and diligently represents her clients. She can give you legal advice, whether you are dealing with simple assets, like bank accounts, or complex ones, like business assets or retirement accounts.

*If you desire to avoid probate, call CiCi to discuss creating a Trust.

How the Law Office of CiCi Cunningham Can Assist You

A loved one’s death is an emotionally trying time. An experienced attorney like CiCi provides a helping hand to review your personal or business situation, evaluate creditors’ claims, assets, and suggest potential solutions. The goal is to minimize court involvement, so you reach a swift resolution without a legal battle.

Probate can be time-intensive and costly. CiCi works with you to streamline the process so you can move forward in the most effective manner. Her skill and experience enable a cost-effective resolution, making her a positive legal choice serving Humble residents.

Get Skilled Representation in Humble, TX

CiCi Cunningham draws on her many years of experience to ensure a satisfactory solution. She is experienced in multiple practice areas, including probate law, estate planning, trusts and wills, real estate law, and business law. This varied background lets her handle many aspects of cases, including the court processes.

CiCi, serving Humble for nearly a decade, takes the time to understand your legal needs as well as help you understand what to expect in the process. Call 281-815-0888 to set up a consultation today.