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Dying without a will can create a long list of problems for beneficiaries, and according to the AARP, 40 percent of Americans over the age of 45 don’t have one. When these individuals die, Texas state law requires a legal proceeding that transfers property from the deceased individual to beneficiaries. The process is rife with opportunities for unwanted disputes.

Creating a will solves many of these problems and more. It provides a clear outline for who should inherit your property and how much each person receives. Have your will created by a Humble law firm—the Law Office of CiCi Cunningham. People across Texas trust us with their estate planning.

How Can We Help You?

Properly drafting a will is essential to minimize or eliminate family conflict. It also sends a clear message to your loved ones about your final wishes. Attorney CiCi Cunningham can help you clearly express your estate planning vision, regardless of your property’s size or value.

An initial consultation helps her understand your situation and needs. CiCi Cunningham will ask detailed questions that help clarify your goals before we put pen to paper. She will create an estate plan that accomplishes your goals and conforms to Texas law

Working with CiCi can make the entire process smoother. As an experienced attorney, CiCi will help by making sense of complicated legalese and by balancing a client’s multiple competing needs. We can keep your will on file, also, so updating it later with our office is quick and easy.

Different Types of Wills

There are far too many different types of wills and estate planning vehicles to list here.  Many varied options exist to pass possessions and property to your family and children.  Whether a married couple has identical wills (called mirror or reciprocal wills), or each spouse has a distinctly different plan in his or her will, each will depends on each client’s individual circumstances. Not every family is the same and not every estate planning or will package is the same.

If you are a parent, especially of minor children, there are several items that should be considered and possibly placed in your wills.  CiCi will meet with you and discuss these options in detail to determine which is best for you and your family.

Wills can be very minimal, to dispose of property and assets to potential heirs without much detailed instruction. (An attorney drafted will is definitely advised so that, if it is minimal, the will contains all the necessary elements).  Wills can also be very complex with pages of details to guide the Executor (the person entrusted with managing your estate) and can also transfer property to trusts that “spring to life” after the death of the Testator (called Testamentary Trusts).

A living will is not the same as a will. Often clients confuse a “living will” with a “Last Will and Testament”. A living will is not a will that transfers assets upon your death (like a Last Will and Testament), but is only applicable for healthcare decisions while you are alive. In a living will, you make decisions now for healthcare treatment later. A living will details your end-of-life medical needs for others to make the decisions if you’re incapacitated, and lets you maintain control of your end-of-life medical decisions. This is helpful to your loved ones who are already overwhelmed with navigating a serious illness of a loved one and do not want to make life or death decisions regarding their loved ones’ medical treatment. We can prepare medical powers of attorney, HIPAA forms and Directives to Physicians(the Texas version of a living will) and guide you in understanding the choices to be made and the use of same.

Work with a Caring Humble, TX Will Lawyer

Estate planning typically requires tough decisions, and the complications of law don’t make it any easier. Attorney CiCi Cunningham offers guidance in multiple practice areas. If you need to create a will, her legal services will help you determine your estate planning goals, so those decisions don’t feel so difficult.

Protect your family and their future with a will today. A will helps enable them to receive the financial bequest you intend, rather than letting the Texas laws decide for you. Call CiCi Cunningham at 281-815-0888 to schedule your initial consultation today.